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What kind of early music education training do you offer?

Kindermusik University features on-demand, music-based training for all types of early education professionals. From private music studio owners who want to offer our curricula to public school teachers who need new strategies for daily transitions, there’s something for everyone.

Self-Paced Learning

Whether you're a teacher, administrator, parent, or all is busy. Our on-demand workshops and courses allow you to start, stop, repeat, and absorb content as it's convenient for you.

Research-Based Strategies

Since 1978, Kindermusik's research-based practices have used the power and joy of music and movement to help educators foster—and little ones maximize—whole-child development.

Actionable Takeaways

What's the point of training without improvement? When you complete a Kindermusik course or workshop, you'll receive practical, action-oriented strategies you can put in place immediately.

How do I teach Kindermusik curricula in my learning space?

Great question. It depends on the type of curricula you want to teach.

If you’re an early education professional without a musical background...

If you’re a music education professional (who either runs a private studio or teaches for someone else)...


Are you a music or early childhood educator who needs age-specific teaching tips? A private studio owner music lessons teacher who wants a stronger class offering?

Consider our on-demand courses which now provide digital microcredentials.

See Why These Educators Chose Kindermusik.

6-month-old baby raises his head up during musical tummy time in a Kindermusik Foundations class.


(Teaching Music for Ages 0-1)*

When it comes to early brain development, multisensory learning during the first year of life is key! Our Foundations course shows you how to utilize research-based strategies to amplify neural connections through the power of music and movement.

*This is an accreditation prerequisite.

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1-year-old boy smiles and laughs during a Kindermusik Level 1 class.

Level 1

(Teaching Music for Ages 1-2)*

The first year of toddlerhood is full of movement, exploration, and beautiful curiosity! Even young toddlers can build a strong foundation of musical skills such as tonal awareness, steady beat, dynamics, and more, and maximize brain development through strategic musical play.

*This is an accreditation prerequisite.

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2-year-old boy sings during a Kindermusik Level 2 class.

Level 2

(Teaching Music for Ages 2-3)*

From mobility to fine motor skills to vocabulary, older toddlers make huge developmental leaps. Our Level 2 course takes a look at how to incorporate the right music and movement strategies to maximize joyful and memorable learning opportunities for this age group.

*This is an accreditation prerequisite.

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3-year-old girl sings during a Kindermusik Level 3 class.

Level 3

(Teaching Music for Ages 3-4)*

Our self-guided Level 3 course takes a look at this specific developmental level, how to best boost and support learning, and how to apply research-based Kindermusik philosophies and lesson components within the classroom, during home visits, or wherever you teach.

*This is an accreditation prerequisite.

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Alt Text: 4-year-old boy smiles during a Kindermusik Level 4 class.

Level 4

(Teaching Music for Ages 4-5/Pre-K)*

When children reach age 4, they enter new levels of independence, thought-processing, and emotional intelligence. The Level 4 course shows you how to build their confidence across learning domains and prep them for formal education through musical storytelling, more advanced ensemble instrument play, and other memorable musical play strategies.

*This is an accreditation prerequisite.

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What is accreditation and how do I get it?

Are you a music educator interested in teaching Kindermusik's a cappella curricula in a studio or gig setting? Find out more about our accreditation process, which includes course completion, age-specific exams and teaching assessments, and a one-time vocal review.


Are you an early childhood educator looking for guidance on how to better incorporate music and movement into your classroom? Are you interested in using music to boost other areas of learning?

Our one - hour workshops are designed to ramp up your early childhood knowledge, and transform trusted research into practical methods of musical learning.

Mom holds 4-year-old daughter. Kindermusik’s Music Rituals Workshop can help teachers and families utilize the power of music to make rituals like bedtime, mealtime, or getting dressed for school more successful.

Music Rituals

Rhythm, Routines, & Relaxation for Home and Classroom

Learn how to create calm and ease transitions through music-based rituals and activities in your home or (virtual or in-person) classroom!

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3-year-old boy smiles and laughs in excitement. Kindermusik’s movement-based workshop helps teachers and families use the power of movement to make learning more fun and help important concepts stick.

Sit Still and Learn?!

How to use movement-based learning in your teaching environment.

Children LOVE to move! Learn how to use movement-based learning to improve teaching strategies, boost energy, and strengthen early development.

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A dad reads to his two toddlers. Kindermusik’s literacy workshop helps teachers and families use the power of music to enhance storytime and increase early literacy skills.

Light Up Literacy

Combining Read-Aloud with Music

We know that a consistent read-aloud strategy is essential to hitting early literacy milestones. While this workshop reviews traditional ways to maximize comprehension and vocabulary skills, it adds a secret research-backed ingredient: shared musical activities.

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A Kindermusik workshop provides a 1-hour professional development training on a very specific topic related to early childhood development and music. A Kindermusik course provides approximately 8-10 hours of professional development training on teaching music and movement for specific age groups. Each course starts with our company's philosophies, unlocks (for a limited time) one unit of our curriculum, and shows you how age-appropriate read-aloud, instrument play, song, and dance can boost musical learning.

Both options provide a digital certificate of completion. Kindermusik also offers various resources and materials to help you fully utilize skills learned during training, and infuse music-based learning with the children you serve. Note that you are not certified to 'teach Kindermusik' upon receiving your certificate, but the certificate of completion is the first step in becoming a Kindermusik Accredited Educator.

Not at this time. However, please note that many administrators and team leaders will accept certificates of completion or digital microcredentials for professional development hours.

All Kindermusik age-specific courses include digital microcredentials and printable certificates.

All topic-specific workshops include printable certificates.

All Kindermusik Accredited Educators must complete at least one level course (like our Level 3 Standard or Premium Course) first before applying to take our Accreditation Exam. Once you complete a course level, you will be prompted with information on how to apply. In addition to written questions, the application includes a video submission as part of our vocal review process. If accepted, you will take the exam, which is one full lesson filmed in its entirety in the level for which you have applied.

The cost of teaching a Kindermusik level in your studio varies by Accredited Educator. While you must become accredited for each level you teach, the materials you purchase depend on the type of experience you want to provide.

Here’s a quick breakdown (all in USD):

  1. Training: Standard $149 per level or Premium $349 per level (the best prep for accreditation)
  2. Application for Accreditation Fee: $25 per level
  3. Exam Fee: $75 per level
  4. Monthly Accreditation Fee: $63.95 (flat fee)
  5. Teaching Materials: Varies by level and teaching approach

Accreditation gives you the ability to offer Kindermusik classes, access digital teacher guides, access our free enrollment system, utilize monthly marketing resources, and so much more.

Kindermusik offers “schools” curriculum kits with supportive audio to assist non-music teachers lead rich, researched-based music education effectively. It's a perfect solution for those working in school system classrooms, childcare/early learning centers, and early intervention centers. Please reach out to our support team via or 800.628.5687 (Option 3) for more information.

While our level courses are geared toward early music education teachers, our workshops are open to ANYONE who regularly cares for children, instructs them, or works in an early childhood industry.

Currently, only one training seat can be purchased at a time, and the email used for purchasing that seat will be the one required to log in to your course or workshop. However, if you would like to purchase multiple seats for your group or organization (discounts on group pricing available!), please email us at or call us at 800.628.5687 (Option 3).

Yes! If you would like to purchase multiple seats for your group or organization (discounts on group pricing available!), please email us at or call us at 800.628.5687 (Option 3).

Both options for our age-level courses contain the same pedagogy content.

The Premium Training offers the advantage of personal feedback from an accomplished Kindermusik educator who has been teaching and running their own studio for many years. Weekly live group calls will take a deeper look at the Kindermusik philosophies and masterful teaching techniques.

During the Premium Training, students will teach a 4 - week live practicum(student teaching) and submit a video recording of portions of the class. The coach will then provide personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement.Premium Training is the recommended option for anyone interested in becoming an Accredited Kindermusik educator themselves, as taking this course will leave you well prepared for the Accreditation Exam.

The Standard Training is a wonderful introduction to the Kindermusik program and is perfect for someone who wants to learn a little more about how to use music and movement with young children to enhance all areas of their development.

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